Summing Up My Teaching and Learning in Zambia

by Betty Trummel

Here are some thoughts to sum up my experiences at both the School of Hope and Shine Zambia Reading Academy, written in an acrostic poem format.


S  Sustainability in action

C  Commitment to learning

H  Hope for the future

O  Open arms to welcome us

O  Opportunity for growth and professional development

L  Love for the children


O  Opportunity to serve others

F  Faith and devotion


H  Happiness of the children was contagious

O  Outstanding leadership

P  Prayer is powerful

E  Everyone learns when given the chance

S  Shining brightly for education

H  Hope for the future of these vulnerable children

I   Igniting the flames within each child

N  Nyanja is a cultural anchor

E  Excitement for learning for both teachers and students


Z  Zambian warmth and friendliness

A  A sunny courtyard, maintained with care

M  Many reasons to give thanks

B  Books – Shine’s mission is literacy

I    Increasing the numbers of children taught

A  A commitment to education.


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