Becky’s Final Thoughts on the Trip

By Becky Roehl

As our team makes our final leg home, there are so many things going
through our minds. For me personal I know my heart was touched by hundreds
of students in Zambia and their teachers. The willingness to learn by
students and teachers is something that will forever be in my mind. The
appreciation of all A to Z does is seen and heard. ( picture or video of
goodbye) Many  people in our society question donations to non for profit
because they don’t how much actually goes to help. I can tell you
scholarships for students to go to school, bikes are giving to cut two
hour walk times in the dark to 30 minutes, supplies handed out to each and
every student, and meaningful professional development is giving to
teachers. I want to thank all those who ran fundraisers or donated to A to
Z. You are truly making a difference  in more ways than you can imagine.

Spread the word about A to Z literacy movement to everyone not just
teachers. I know I will be getting all those cheese heads on board when I
get home.

One last thing, a big thank you to the team this trip. You are all so
inspiring. I feel truly blessed to have gone on this journey with you.

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