Walking Around Munali Secondary School

By Mal Keenan

walking Munali #2

What a great start to the day! This morning we picked “old” friend Jonathan Mwale up at Shine to go and see his new school, Munali Secondary School where he is currently in grade 10.

Walking Munali #3

As we walked around the campus, Jonathan shared with us information about his classes and life in high school. Jonathan is enjoying biology, math, and chemistry. It was such a joy to hang out with him and learn more about his life as a 16 year old. A to Z supports Jonathan’s schooling and will continue to help him reach his dreams. As he said so brilliantly, “I want to go the promised land, where people look to me for help and I accomplish my goals.”

walking around Munali

4 thoughts on “Walking Around Munali Secondary School

  1. Hope you found a bike! We need to work hard on a plan to further help Jonathan! Continue doing what you do Mal!

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