Sounds of My First Zambian Overnight (almost all noted while in bed)

by Pat Kelly


Rascal Flatts playing over the p.a. at the Spar grocery store.

Howling dogs- feral? wild?

Men’s voices calling out- Happy Hour attendees?

High pitched import vehicle horns tooting at all hours.

Mosquito buzzing in my ear- daily malaria meds taken? Check.

Uncommon birdsong.

Hammers on wood.

Exuberant, grateful voices raised in praise.

8 thoughts on “Sounds of My First Zambian Overnight (almost all noted while in bed)

  1. Pat, thank you for that beautiful description – I almost feel as if I’m with you there. It’s a noisy, busy place, isn’t it? I loved the drums that would often beat all night. Not so much the roosters who would sometimes crow all night. Blessings on your time in Zambia! Traveling mercies!

  2. Pat,

    Thank you for bringing me back. Your descriptions, especially the sounds are spot on. Enjoy every minute. Watch out for those crows and stay away from those dogs. Best to you on this trip! Stasia

    • This a.m it sounded like an infant puppy had been left outside our door, we were relieved to find it was a bird’ s call!

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