Giving Back at Garden Quarter

By Koriann Lance

As we get close to summer, I always tell my kids to start building a summer reading list. I take them to the library to listen to one last book talk in hopes of them finding some good reads – okay, and I may be selfishly looking for some as well! But whatever the reason, it benefits all!

Reading-1080x320Some kids don’t get to the library too often though. Some kids don’t have a great interest in reading. Then what?

Though I don’t have an answer to solve it all, I do know that Garden Quarter Resource Center in McHenry created their own library for the local kids. This center gives kids access to a variety of books so that they can stay engaged throughout the summer.

02_117155230609576870329021975001000As part of A to Z’s local outreach, teachers will be visiting Garden Quarter every Tuesday from 3-3:30 to read with the kids. Teachers will help in picking out those perfect, just right books that will keep the kids reading and asking for more!

Whether I am reading to myself or reading to kids, I can’t think of a better way to give back!

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