National Junior Honor Society’s Walkathon for A to Z Was Awesome!

By Emma Gruper, 8th Grade Student at Bernotas Middle School

On Wednesday, May 28th, 2014, I had the privilege to be a part of the A to Z walk-a-thon at Lundahl Middle School.

2014-05-28 04.36.23

Emma (green headband) walks toward her volunteer post.

At this event, National Junior Honor Society members raised money for this event, and walked to support the project for nearly two hours!

2014-05-28 04.20.50While other students walked, I was chosen to help with money, spread sheets, and t-shirt hand out.Trying to keep up with these teachers, was close to impossible! These ladies were like bees in a hive; buzzing from here to there, making the Walk-a-Thon the best it could be.

2014-05-28 04.34.43Thanks to all who participated and who made this fundraiser the best it could be.


2 thoughts on “National Junior Honor Society’s Walkathon for A to Z Was Awesome!

  1. Thanks to all teens like you, Emma. Because of your generosity and devotion to the cause, thousands more books will head to Zambia. You young people are an inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much to you Emma for helping with all of the “busy” work!, you and the rest of our members really helped make this event a success!

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