My Journey Begins

By Becky Roehl


My journey to Africa began with my students making informational books for schools in Africa. After a blog post, some emails, and meetings in Lake Geneva, I was given the opportunity to represent Wisconsin on the trip of a lifetime. Going with the A to Z Literacy Movement to Africa to give children and teachers the skills to succeed, is a dream come true.

During my travels, I hope to bring my 7th grade students’ informational books and letters to the students in Zambia. My lessons in Zambia will focus on why we write and the different ways we communicate with each other.  As life is a journey and our mission to help others continues, my goal on this trip is to show students that reading and writing is also a journey that children and adults continue throughout their lives.

Let the adventure and journey begin!!

2 thoughts on “My Journey Begins

  1. Becky, I love that you are making WRITING and communication a primary focus of your lessons. Those kids in Zambia are going to benefit from your expertise and your spirit, and you will be a better teacher and person from having gotten to know them. Can’t wait to hear how things are going in Lusaka and see the photos you post. Traveling mercies!

  2. Thank you Ann! I know this experience is going to change my life and teaching forever. A little scared, but know that being scared means I am doing the right thing. I always tell my students to be brave in their writing and life. I look forward to posting and writing about my experience. Thanks for following.

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