Savers Results – A Big WIN for A to Z! Thank You!

By Pat Kelly

8,677 pounds. That’s close to 4 ½ tons. That is the weight of the goods that you, as a McHenry County community, donated to our A to Z Literacy/Savers fundraiser.

We figure this is a win, win, win, win situation.


Win #1: Nearest and dearest to our heart are the capital funds A to Z Literacy acquired because of your generosity. The books will continue to be sent from America to Zambia, the Zambian children will eat lunch at school and 2 teachers will be paid by us.

Win #2: We feel good that we gave you incentive to clean out some unwanted belongings from your homes. New, reclaimed space is a good thing!

Win #3: By offering your items to Savers, you kept them out of the landfill; Mother Earth is the beneficiary and she thanks you.

Win #4: At the end of this chain, when Savers sells merchandise, a portion of the proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation. The result is people helping people.

A to Z Literacy Movement is gratified by your giving hearts and helping hands. It is due to your charitable nature that we are able to work toward our objectives.

TONS of thanks to you!canstock15562523canstock15562523canstock15562523


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