Profound Poetry… by an 8th Grader.

By Koriann Lance

Many teachers out there can attest to the countless emails that are sent sharing ideas and bits of text that went over well in classrooms. As a teacher, it is a blessing to get these kinds of emails, as we can spend hours hunting for the best text to share with kids. At times, I do admit that I throw the email into a folder and save it for the weekend when I can get a chance to read through it and see how I can best utilize it. But today-today was a different story.

When I opened my email, I found an email passed along sharing a very different kind of text. The the title of the email caught me off guard. It was entitled “Pretty Awesome Poem.” Okay, I am a sucker for a good poem, so I entertained the email and opened it up, rather than immediately filing it for my weekend pleasure. This poem, unbeknownst  to me, was written by a 14-year old boy and has gone viral.

I shared it with my students today – the same day I opened the email.  I needed my students to hear the message from this boy who is wise beyond his years, yet so young in age. This poem is a reminder to all kids that they can do…they can be…and they will! But we have to help them get there. We cannot give up on them, even if they have given up on themselves!

I could go on and on…and on about the message of this poem, but I don’t want to take away the pleasure of having your own “AHA” moment. Enjoy! And more importantly, pass it along!

Click here to read the poem for yourself!

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