Life Lessons from Kid President

By Koriann Lance

I love YouTube! And this love was further reaffirmed this week when a colleague passed along a video that she shared with her students called A Pep Talk From Kid President.” Now, perhaps you are familiar with this outspoken Kid President, but this was a first for me. And I have to tell you that Kid President is one smart cookie!

Kid President reports right away that we all need a pep talk! Okay, who couldn’t use one – and one from a cute kid like this? But the depth of his message goes farther that I had expected.

He questions his audience “What if Michael Jordan quit?……”What if he quit when he didn’t make the team? He never would have made Space Jam……And I love Space Jam. What will be your Space Jam?”

I have to admit it. I have never seen the movie, but I don’t believe it was a blockbuster hit. It really doesn’t matter anyway because to this kid, it meant the world! That’s the point. Kid President gets the big picture – DON’T GIVE UP! DON’T QUIT! You never know what you are capable of if you quit! As a teacher I preach this every day, but as an adult viewer I took a moment of reflection myself….

What is stopping me, or any of us for that matter? Nothing.

The more important question:  What will be your Space Jam?

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