The Magic of Trivia Night

By Pat Kelly

There was some kind of magic across the room as two individuals hoped to be the winner chosen out of the raffle jar. They fancied different prizes and for different reasons, didn’t know each other. One anticipated taking her grandson to The Field Museum; after all he was eleven now and a ripe age for such an outing. The second wanted the bag from Zambia for herself, her plan was to travel there to acquire another one in the summer from the marketplace. “They are just so beautiful,” she thought.

By yet another synchronicity in this world, the two became the new owners of their respective prizes that Saturday at the A to Z Trivia Night fundraiser.

If you attended you know there were tickets for Chicago team games to bid on, 26 raffle prizes given away, a Name That Tune competition and a grand prize for the Trivia champions. There was laughter and camaraderie and a competitive spirit. And there were at least two women who went home with the prize of their dreams, having fulfilled a child’s dream somewhere in Zambia.

P.S. If you are curious as to what the evening looked like, here’s the program… we had a great time. Please join us next year!

Trivia Night Program

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