Telling Our Story

I dread asking for things.
It makes me uncomfortable.
I get nervous and talk even faster than I normally do. (Webmaster Kristina interjection: That’s really fast!)
But it’s that time of year again – prepping for our annual fundraiser – trying to get things ready with the help of some amazing volunteers. And as I visited local merchants today, asking for small raffle prize donations, I found myself telling our story, the A to Z story, over and over again. I talked about how we have increased our local outreach to kids and families in need here in McHenry county. I shared our work with the Garden Quarter Project and our book fair at The Clinic hosted by Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Of course, promoting the love of reading in Zambia is where we started, it feels really good to tell folks how A to Z is making a difference in their own community.
Please consider joining us on Saturday, February 8th, at 7:00 for our annual fundraiser to help us meet our annual goals. It’s going to be a fantastic time!
You can buy tickets on our website.
Hope to see you there!

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