A Book A Day


By Kalan Gott

Several months ago I was in the waiting room at my doctor’s office.  I was excited for my eight-month pregnancy check-up.  As I sat there, an already experienced mom entered with her daughter and son. Both children were elementary school age.  The mom and daughter sat down next to each other and pulled out books.  The boy, poking his mom, talked non-stop about being bored.  The mom set her book aside and said with seriousness and love, “Oh I am sorry.  That is why your sister and I bring our books with us.  Don’t you wish you had your book? Maybe next time you’ll bring it.”

I couldn’t help but smile! Three months later, I have my own child.  A daughter.  Almost every day I think about what I want to teach her, share with her, and the example I want to be to her. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around literature. As a parent, I am now thinking of ways to foster a culture of reading in our house and build fond memories for my daughter.  Here is what I envision so far:

  • Magazines that my husband and I read lay on every flat surface
  • The cornerstone of our bedtime routine is a read aloud each night
  • Every Christmas we buy a new Christmas book to create a collection for her
  • We each have our own book next to our bed
  • There is a library in our room
  • There is a library in her room
  • We will read the Harry Potter series aloud when she is old enough to listen for at least 20 minutes

How do you foster a culture of reading in your house?  How do you grow readers, thinkers, and lovers of books?  I have my list started, but I would love to hear other ideas!

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