Libraries and the A to Z Mission

books 001

Pat’s trunk frequently looks like this.

By Pat Kelly

The books we recycle originate from many sources. One of the major, recurring places which provide us with quality stories is libraries. Public libraries have book sales and naturally, there are leftovers after the doors have closed. In a most generous manner, libraries donate those volumes left to non-profits.

Having gone to quite a few of these giveaways, I‘ve developed into an efficient gatherer. Time is of the essence when collecting books at a post-sale giveaway, and so I have become pretty good at judging books by their covers. Once I have an interesting one in my hands, I flip through it briefly to check condition (we look for very good condition), reading level and appropriate content for Zambian children. Quite a number of subjects that American children read about wouldn’t convey well to a Zambian child.

I thrill to find the occasional book which directly relates to Africa, such as a folktale or picture book about African animals. I also happily add to my box those stories which were my own children’s favorites.

Our partnership with libraries plays an important part in the support system carrying out the mission of A to Z Literacy Movement.

Another thing we are all thankful for.

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