Paying It Forward

By Kalan Gott

I love when someone stops me and says, “Hey, I just read this great book about …want to read it?” Since I am usually looking for something great to read, I accept and the cycle begins. It is like the movie “Pay It Forward”, but with books instead of acts of kindness. That one book offered to me is now passed from one person to the next spreading the culture of reading. Even more exciting, each person that reads that book talks about it! Those moments when people excitedly share their favorite parts of the story: what surprised them, made them curious, when they got mad, when they got excited, how they connected to the characters, and how they got lost in that author’s world. If we all keep paying it forward through books think about how many lives we can touch, how many children we can inspire, and how many books we can discover. Next time you read a great book don’t forget to pay it forward!

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