Why You Should Come to On the Vine: Celebrating Books and Wine This Saturday

  • Fantastic wine to taste and a terrific way to expand your cab/chard/pinot knowledge.
  • Delicious appetizers to enjoy while mingling with fun people.
  • Very cool auction items to be won for a sweet deal.
  • There’s nothing really on TV to watch.
  • Cabin Fever has set in…it’s time to start thinking about leaving your house on the weekends.
  • Wine Pong – test your skills with that little white ball to win a prize. Think “Adult Fun Fair”.
  • The Dole is a beautiful place to hang out – vintage Crystal Lake.
  • You’ve been dying to wear your new jeans and sweater.
  • You can buy a beer if you’re not hip to the red and white vino.
  • You can help kids, locally and globally, to increase their love of reading.

Head to our website for tickets or buy them at the door!


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