By Kalan Gott

“Poverty does not mean the inability to succeed. It means a child/family doesn’t have money.” This is a quote from Cynthia “Mama J” Johnson. She presented to a huge group of new teachers for an orientation I attended. After hearing this all of my thoughts turned to Zambia and the poor students sitting in our classrooms here in the United States. I thought about all of the challenges students, parents, and educators face throughout the school year. It amazes me that despite the challenges it really comes down to this idea Mama J shares. Poverty does not mean the inability to succeed. The families living in poverty are just as eager to learn, just as eager to read, and just as eager for you to believe in them.

One thought on “Poverty

  1. Well said Kalan. I think it’s awesome that you consistently place yourself on the frontline, and truly do believe in those who live in poverty. Your friends in the midwest will be praying for you and your students this year.

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