Are You a Book Stacker?

Are you a book stacker? Do you have piles of books in certain areas of your home? Do you utilize hard covers and paperbacks as part of your home decorating? Part of your style? I’m a fan of stacks. Books bring me real joy and to see them in different parts of my home makes me smile. With purpose, I have created little vignettes of books, stacking Maya Angelou with Harper Lee or grouping Spinelli with Creech and Clearly. These books have transported me to different places. These books have shifted my thinking. Put them back on a shelf? No, I need to see them. I need to be reminded of how a novel or piece of nonfiction can impact my life.

3 thoughts on “Are You a Book Stacker?

  1. I am not a book stacker. For shame, yes? I do read often, spent my last afternoon of break doing only that, but I put all but the book I’m reading back on the shelf–or send it back to the library. I love my library!

  2. This post describes me with paper. Of course I’m going to die in 5 years when one of my stacks fall over on me… but that’s two presidential elections away!

  3. I am a book stacker…at home and at school. I surround myself with books of every genre and love seeing the stacks on my shelves, on the floor beside my bed, and on desks or coffee tables around the house! I’ve read book after book this summer vacation and have been transported around the world and often to another time in history by the words of so many great authors. I love the feeling of a book in my hand….opening a door to a new place, fresh characters, interesting information, and a whole new world!

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