Zambia: Where Everybody Knows Your Name or The Reason Why You Came

By Anastasia Gruper

Last week as Kalan and I were waiting for Mal to pick us up in the blue Toyota Fun Cargo, a cab driver pulled up and asked if we needed a ride. I replied, “No, thank you.” He retorted, “Are you in the white or the blue car?” This was our first hint that the people of Zambia knew we were here.
On our second day at Shine the Muvi TV crew arrived to film the A to Z team in action. Prior to our arrival, they had been filming Shine and the new library. While walking through the mall later in the week, someone asked Mal if she was the lady on TV. Who would have thought we’d be televised so quickly in Africa?
On Thursday, Mal and I sat at the Internet Café as the rest of the team went to Shop Rite to pick up a few grocery items. The checker missed Kalan’s Fanta. The man between Kalan and Mariann in line said, “It’s alright just pass it to her partner.” Shockingly, Mariann asked, “How did you know we were partners?” Then man replied, “I have been working in Chumbe Valley. I hear you have been teaching and doing a great job. How was teaching today?”

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