Which Way to Shine?

By Mal Keenan

Last year I thought ahead and jotted down directions to Shine Reading Academy to make sure I could find my way back without trouble as there are no street signs in this part of town. The team had a real good giggle reading my directions as we drove to Shine on Monday morning as the Zambians stared at five white women traveling along in a small blue Toyota Fun Cargo.
Directions to Shine Reading Academy:
At roundabout (the car wash one) – go straight through heading towards Kalingalinga
Turn left at stoplight (Ok, no longer there…we now use Golden View Investments as landmark)
Go past Deliverance Church, God Knows Hair Salon, and Petroda Gas
Stay left (arrow sketched streets in margins) – pavement ends
Keep going past “bend down boutiques” (street vendors) on right
Quick left at electrical pole (drawing included)
Go all the way down dirt road to the wall with PM/PN spray painted on it
Go right – follow arrow on brick wall (watch out for holes in road)
Travel over smoking garbage dam – be careful of dogs and children
Go right off garbage dam and then take quick left past Kalikiliki Hospice.
Continue up hill, stay left and avoid big rocks (still heading east)
Turn left at small yellow sign “Big Digas and Sons” – look for cinder block building with big metal door
Look for two water storage tanks – old white one & newer green one – school is on left

2 thoughts on “Which Way to Shine?

  1. Loved reading your “directions” Mal and felt like I was on that bumpy dirt road with you! I remember our route each day with our trusty “cab” driver, Issac. You are a brave soul driving those dusty roads to Shine! Keep the blogs coming!! Everyone’s vivid descriptions and impressions are important (and fun) to read. Special hugs to the teachers and pupils I know at Shine!

  2. I’ve been on three trips to Mexico with my church, and I always wonder what the drivers’ mental directions look like. Replace a few specific landmarks, and now I know.

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