Esther School

While busy with chicken runs and orphan homes, Bob Sengikoski is also hard at work building Esther School near the village of Chongwe. Esther School is set to open it’s doors in September of 2012. This remarkable multibuilding campus will utilize solar power and will have several gardens planted to help in sustaining teachers and students. The teachers of Esther School will live on campus ensuring collaboration and quality of teaching to help break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy in Zambia. The school will also have a health clinic on site for teachers and students to utilize. A to Z Literacy Movement is looking forward to stocking a few shelves of books in the library for students to enjoy. Who wouldn’t love looking out over Zambia’s beautiful landscape with a good book in his hand?

What an amazing view for students to enjoy.

Mal at the school in 2010

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