Mango Grove: As Delicious as it Sounds

One of our goals on the trip was to explore other schools for A to Z Literacy Movement to help. One school we visited was Mango Grove Community School. It is a group of three small buildings plus a church erected by sticks and mud to form grades K through 8. Including the headmaster (principal/teacher), there are 8 teachers who walk 30 to 45 minutes each day to educate the youth of this compound. As we toured the school, we saw several things you would expect to see in any great classroom including: teachers grading on their plan periods, anchor charts for phonics sounds, science facts, and math concepts, students playing after being let of school, and rows of children eager to learn. This well organized yet struggling school is hoping for support in any way available. If we truly want the reading epidemic to continue to spread we must also be willing to spread out and reach more schools, staffs, and students. Mango Grove is the next area waiting to be infected with literacy love from the A to Z Literacy Movement.

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