More Than a School

It’s Child Health Care Week in here in Zambia. All over the country, mothers are bringing their babies to central locations in communities and compounds to receive the necessary immunizations. These women patiently stand in line for hours with babies nestled on their backs in chitenges waiting for their turn with a nurse or doctor. Shine has graciously hosted the Ministry of Health the last two days, converting their multipurpose space into a make-shift clinic for the women and children. This is just one example of Shine Reading Academy not only helping the children of the compound but helping many more. Another example of this devotion to the community is adult literacy education classes. Every day when the children knock off at 3:30, teachers shift gears a bit as adults enter three of the classrooms as they are trying to improve their English reading and speaking skills. A to Z is so very proud to partner with Shine Zambia. It is definitely more than just a school, it’s becoming a beacon of light in the community.

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