Home Visit

On Wednesday afternoon, Claude Mulota, the principle of Calvary School, invited us to his house to have lunch with his wife and daughter. Claude lives in the compund, Matero, about a ten minute walk from the school. Both husband and wife are very proud of their family’s three room home. It was a cultural experience I have been waiting for the last three years.
While eating cornflakes and warmed milk, we relaxed and talked about his school and the problems it is facing. He shared the news that the school can no longer provide lunch for the students except for one week a month. We discussed the bathrooms that sit unfinished in the school yard. Because of limited salaries, two teachers have left the school during the past year. Yet even with these difficulties, Claude remains hopeful things will improve. He has faith in the school, the church and the community.
As we walked back to school after lunch, I thought about how fortunate I am and what a pleasure it has been to serve Calvary School, providing them with books for their students to enjoy. It feels like what we do is a small drop in a gigantic bucket, but it is something and the students have books in their hands and the love of reading in their hearts.

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