“One Who Sees Something Good Must Narrate It.” Ugandan Proverb

A to Z is fortunate for the wonderful volunteers lending a helping hand as we work to meet our 2011 goals. Recently, two elementary schools hosted fundraisers for A to Z and donated over $1300. A youth librarian compiled a list of books that will best serve the young students at Esther School in Zambia. She is also seeking out local nonprofits and groups to donate books that would be more appropriate for children in Illinois. High school students have sorted hundreds of books that have been donated. They have worked diligently checking covers, pages and story content. Teachers have sorted and boxed books, ensuring the variety and content of the children’s selections. Once the boxes were ready to be shipped, another volunteer completed the customs paperwork and shipping labels. Two more A to Z volunteers have been searching for possible grant opportunities to help our organization. Their work will assist in sustaining us and we are grateful for their time. Our volunteer web designer has spent countless hours reworking and fine tuning the website. She is committed to our mission of increasing literacy and the love of reading in impoverished places. Many more volunteers are spreading the word about A to Z Literacy Movement. They are networking with people in the community to help us grow. The A to Z volunteers are the power behind our organization and we couldn’t move forward without them.

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