A Letter From Sylve

Hi Mal,
The school that will be receiving the books is Mapalo Community School located in Matete village. It was started by the Peace Corps volunteer before me and was made specifically to help orphans and vulnerable children in Kafutuma catchment area. There are about 50 to 60 kids that attend. I am now working with the executive group at the school to create income-generating activities so that they can help with the teacher fees, providing food for the kids and even help with making learning materials. With the books received from A to Z literacy, we will start a library at the school. The community is already contributing materials to make it a success. The books will also be open for community use as well. The school has teachers, but struggles to pay them. My role with the school has been working with the executive group and forming a literacy club to help the kids learn English. I have also formed a girls club to empower girls to be independent individuals. I will be working with them to increase self-esteem and teaching the girls about HIV and continuing education. I have found that girls/women suffer from lack of education which causes them to be stuck in poverty, having no way out and to be submissive to things that endanger their lives. Again thanks so much for the book donations. God Bless.

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