Another Lesson Learned

It’s my lunch break and I have 25 minutes to gather at least two items for our upcoming silent auction. I have never done this before, I’m nervous, and I’m trying to think of what to say as I walk up to the counter. I begin with, “Hi, my name is Mal Keenan. I started a non-profit in 2009 and we bring books to vulnerable kids in impoverished areas like Zambia. We’re hosting our first fundraiser and I’m wondering if you would considering donating something for our silent auction.” This is when I remember to breath and smile.
As the weeks have passed, I have become more fluent with this speech as I continue to ask people for donations. However gathering items hasn’t been easy and it’s taken time. Once again, I am learning more about myself and others. Asking, for me, is much more difficult than giving. Why is that? While giving, for others, is much harder. I have heard that times are tough and a donation is not possible. I have heard that the business has already donated items to organizations and they have met their quota. Other companies have said our organization doesn’t fall under their donation guidelines. This is all new to me, and I am learning.  What motivates me to continue asking is when a business owner says, “Sure!” and hands me a gift certificate. I’m encouraged when a manager offers me a gift card and prompts me to keep doing what I’m doing. A decorated box of gift items is just what the auction needs and the handmade jewelry will be perfect.  This is what moves me along. And so with another auction item in hand, I climb back into my car, take a deep breath, and think of all the kids who will benefit from my lesson learned.

One thought on “Another Lesson Learned

  1. And we thank God for your energy and persistence and patience. The sharing of words in whateer shape they take helps us to know The Word whose birth we just recently celebrated.

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