“Plane” Conversation

While flying from Jo’Burg to Lusaka last July, I sat next to a lovely young woman from Atlanta. She had joined the Peace Corps and was traveling to Zambia for her assignment. I was amazed when she shared with me this marathon flight to Africa was her first experience traveling by plane! As we said “goodbye” after landing in Lusaka, I asked her to please keep in touch. Two weeks ago, I heard from Sylve via e-mail and was thrilled to read she could use our help with getting books into the hands of little ones in her village.
Hey Mal,
My name is Sylve Rawls. I don’t know if you remember me but I am the Peace Corps volunteer who conversed with you on the plane from Joburg in July. I was writing to say hello and that you were right! ZAMBIA is a great place! I’m in community entry now getting to know the place better. I will be volunteering in Luapula province in Nchelenge district. I don’t know if you have been here, but it is beautiful. I also wanted to ask for more information about your nonprofit organization, A TO Z LITERACY MOVEMENT, because in my village, there is a community preschool lacking resources in educating orphans here. I wanted to ask for your help if you can. Thanks and glad that I was able to meet you! GOD BLESS and happy holiday!

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