A letter from Vineet

Hey you!!
Great to hear from you! How are you? I hope you’re well.
Things are going great here. The school opened on Monday after a month’s break and the kids are really excited to be back. During the break, Sian (being as efficient as ever!) came up with a new timetable just for Term 3 that reduced the amount of teaching time per teacher but increased the quality of the teaching programme, particularly on the numeracy side. We recruited 2 new teachers (since we saw how well it worked with 5 teachers when you and Betty were around) and Sian ran a week of training sessions for all the teachers.

We also got clocks for each classroom and a bell, which one of the teachers rings at the end of teach period! It’s fantastic, just like a western school! And so far so good – everything’s running like clockwork.

On the construction side, we’re nearly done with the foundation for the
administration building. By early November the whole thing will be done.

I’m so delighted to hear that you’ll still be supporting Shine. Thanks for
sending more books and teaching materials – please just let me know when to expect them.

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