Professional Development

We met with teachers today after spending a week at Shine Reading Academy. Susan, Sharon, and Lyson have no official college training, but are motivated to become stronger teachers. Lyson is a real success story as he was illiterate until age twelve. He brings joy, enthusiasm, and empathy to the older students in his class. During our discussions, we praised the teachers for doing such an incredible job of speaking in English and Nyanja. The students need to hear both languages to fully understand and comprehend. I believe modeling for the teachers was the most effective way for Betty and I to help and definitely made the most impact. They watched us teach all week and were able to glean techniques, style, and language from our lessons. We also reinforced literacy components critical in teaching reading and writing. Learning is ongoing for everyone and the teachers at Shine will continue to grow as we help to supply books for their classrooms and library.

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