Our Mission

A to Z Literacy Movement aims to improve the lives of impoverished children through literacy development by providing schools and communities with quality books that inspire children to read.

Our Story

In June of 2009, Mal Keenan traveled to Lusaka, Zambia. She spent time with orphaned children, visited schools, and promoted literacy. Mal was inspired by the courage and exuberance of Zambia’s children in the face of severe poverty and the ravages of AIDS.

Before Mal departed for Zambia, she shipped four large boxes of books and school supplies to Lusaka to distribute to impoverished children and schools when she arrived. During her time in Zambia, Mal realized that books were desperately needed. The schools Mal visited and the children with whom Mal spent time with did not own or have access to books.

Upon returning to Illinois, Mal worked with friends Michelle Rentzsch and Stephanie Brown to form A to Z Literacy Movement, a nonprofit organization whose team is passionate about providing books to Zambian children. The books will provide our partners with the necessary resources to strengthen literacy achievement in Zambia.

Our Team

Mal Keenan

Dave Keenan

Pat Kelly

Betty Trummel

Anastasia Gruper

Wendy Lasswell

Kristina Weber

Jenni Atkinson

Bob Atkinson

Our Volunteers

We are so fortunate to have a group of volunteers who believe that all children deserve the opportunity to fulfil their potential in life and that they may achieve this by learning how to read and write. A to Z Literacy Movement has been formed from a love and concern for under-privileged children in Africa and from the belief that literacy is key to escaping poverty.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for all you do.
We couldn’t do this without you!


One thought on “Our Mission

  1. I tried to send a message through “contact us” to volunteer with your organization, but it is not working. Is there another way I could contact you about this?

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