Stella – A New Star At Shine

As teachers in the U.S., we are all about keeping the kids engaged and motivated. The same holds true for many teachers here in Zambia. Stella, a new teacher at Shine, understands the concept of multisensory teaching. Take for example, phonics instruction, she explains and models a new sound, the kids write it down, and then Stella plays a game with them. She gets them standing up, using their other senses to ensure the information just learned stays with the student. She bounces balls, she sings songs, she puts them into teams to find the right sound on the chalkboard. But there’s more to Stella style, she knows the power of using both Nyanja and English to help the students understand. Many of her students are new to school and speak mostly in Nyanja. Stella strikes a balance between language #1 and language #2. We have had the opportunity to observe Stella in action and have heard the laughter coming out of her classroom. The kids are lucky to have her and will continue in their reading progression thanks to her dedicated style of teaching.

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